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Box Canyon Blog: Autumnal interlude in ‘B Flat’ cont.

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

For apparent lack of alternatives, and thanks to a still fully charged Energizer Bunny hiking partner, I commit to the task of making Richmond Pass, climbing on, going higher and getting smaller… till shrink-wrapped like a some provisional plaything for the amusement of capricious gods.

I’ve said it before many times in various ways, and it bears repeating: When hiking the upper reaches of mountains in less than perfect elements… be it howling wind, dreary rain, or unexpected blizzard… one becomes more aware of their vulnerability. It is those kinds of times and places that sharpens the edge of life. The higher one goes the smaller they become, and I know of no other venue that can so abruptly reorder one’s false sense of permanence and ego. Beware of the sharpened blade…

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