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Box Canyon Blog: About time

Form the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

How cool, that only an hour’s drive separates recreation amid vast Canyonland’s and red rocks from recreation amid neighboring Abajo Mountain’s red maples and yellow aspens.

It’s also 7 degrees cooler… important for those whose bacon had been fried crisp on an 11.2 mile “Baton march” through the Needles District.

Impending “heavy rain” and flash flood advisories will hasten our escape from what has been a park-like ponderosa pine boondock, complete with deer, wild turkeys, and snappy 4G version.

A two mile drive will have us regrouped in a paved National Forest campground, instead of what will soon be a quagmire of red sticky clay. Those deep ruts in the road up to our peaceful boondock was an admonishment to “Only stay high when the red dirt is dry.”

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