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Box Canyon Blog: A surf’n safari to Tripodius Maximimus

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

“Catch a wave and you’re sitt’in on top of the world,” especially if the wave is red and warm.

Unless you are a newbie to the BCB, you’ve seen this favorite destination hike before. You’ve seen the impossible blue skies, Utah’s version of the White Cliffs of Dover, and watched us part The Red Sea of Sandstone. You’ve marveled along with us, shook your head in disbelief, swore an oath to “go there” and see in person before you croak. You’ve emailed me and asked how to get there, only to get a reply full of cryptic hints and misdirection. I apologize.

Sometimes we stumble across a place so unique and “sensitive” that I feel remiss at sharing it to the world. Tripod Rocks is one of those places. There use to be three Tripod Rocks, you see, all side by side, each uncannily suspended and balanced on a tripod of softer soil. It’s unusual to find one such boulder so delicately suspended and spitting in the face of “odds.” But to find three within a few feet of each other? Supernatural.

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