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Box Canyon Blog: Columbine Lake, Part II… Dehui’s second wind

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Now that you’ve had a few days break from this summer’s Wildflower Spam, I will attempt to put the wraps on a season of wonder and begin the inevitable transition to (gasp) fall in the Rockies. All the signs are here… the chill in morning air, preseason football on tv, alpine meadows going from green to blond. Yes, as summer’s incredible crop of incandescent candles go to seed, so does the end of our condensed summer hiking season draw near. While the rest of the country sweltered, there was skiff of snow on the peaks above Lovely Ouray after Monday’s storm lifted.

As I was saying before our brush with death by electrocution, we were escorting our friend, Dehui, to Columbine Lake. The demands of finishing up a Phd requires a lot of time in the “saddle,” so Dehui had warned us that he was somewhat out of shape. Nevertheless, he wanted to experience more emerald lakes like the ones that enthralled him in years past, namely, “Ice” and “Island” lakes. We thought he would enjoy Columbine Lake. But at nearly 8 miles with 2500 feet of elevation gain, we wondered if it was too much. Dehui wanted to go. “You can always stop or turn back,” I told him. Yeah, right.

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