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Box Canyon Blog: A fire and rain morning

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Humans love to make plans and lists. They give our lives a sense of direction and accomplishment… and the gods get a good laugh.

I must confess to being a tad restless since returning home to Lovely Ouray. I was outnumbered and soundly defeated in the war between Mice and Men, which proves that hunger, both literally, and figuratively, is one of the most powerful incentives on earth.

Spring refuses to go gently into that goodnight. It continues to rage and kick my ass to the curb like the schoolyard bully. Her clouds, rain, wind, snow and cold fouls my mood and thwarts all attempts at maintaining fitness.

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About Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is a Wisconsin native currently living in Illinois with her husband, Eric, and two dogs, Maggie and Grace. She enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and, of course, camping in cabins and park models.

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