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Better RVing: It’s pumpkin season

From he bloggers at Better RVing.

Fall is pumpkin season. From jack-o-lanterns at Halloween to pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, now’s the time to enjoy the orange king of squashes in all its wide and varied uses.

What better symbol of Halloween than the classic jack-o-lantern? Whether cheerful or sinister, these illuminated faces are everywhere on Halloween night. Why not try your hand at it this year? A simple design is easy to pull off — even your kids or grandkids can do it!

First, cover your work area with the newspaper so that cleaning up will be simple afterwards. Make sure your surface is flat and has plenty of room. Then get your pumpkin and cut the stem out by cutting a hole around the stem at a 45 degree angle towards the center of the pumpkin. The hole should be large enough to fit your fist into. Save the stem.

Next, use your serving spoon to scoop out the insides into the bowl. After it’s hollowed out, sketch a face onto the outside of the pumpkin. Using the smaller knife, cut out your design by following the dry erase markings. Wipe off any marker that remains after you finish. Insert the light (we don’t recommend a candle, as it increases the risk of a fire) and display your jack-o-lantern!

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