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Berkey filters makes any water safe to drink

Berkey filters makes any water safe to drink
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No, that is not a giant coffee peculator taking up precious counter space in my RV.  The Berkey water filter is probably the one RV item we have that we wouldn't be without. 

Would you believe me if I told you that you could filter any type of water with this gem?  Whether you have access to faucet water, well water or even non potable water, the Berkey water filtration system is up for the challenge. 

Research has proven that the Berkey water filters can remove parasites, cysts, bacteria and viruses from water and make it safe to consume.  It can also reduce lead, mercury and fluoride from drinking water.

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  • Comes in various sizes to meet different sized families needs
  • Makes any source of water safe for drinking
  • Made of a food grade stainless steel
  • Two additional filters can be added (four total spots)
  • Optional Fluoride filters are available
  • Optional clear spout allows you to see when water level is getting low
  • Easy to fill the top chamber
  • Self-sterilizing and cleanable filters
  • Filter life is up to 3,000 gallons per filter
  • No need to use propane to boil water to make it safe for drinking
  • Money saving — no need for bottled water
  • No lugging heavy plastic containers of water from the grocery store
  • Great for the environment — the landfills thank you.
  • Space saving in comparison to multiple large water jugs and bottles
  • Upper chamber nests inside the lower chamber for easy traveling
  • Capable of filtering up to seven gallons of water per hour (with four filters)


  • Heavy to move once filled
  • Expensive
  • Water is always room temperature

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