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Baby Center: 3 families start living their full-time RV dream

From the bloggers at Baby Center.

Have you ever thought about selling off everything you own and hitting the road? It’s an exciting idea that seems to be increasingly popular, but the logistics of it all can be intimidating.

Here, three separate families who are all full-time RV living with their children answer the most frequently asked questions they get about starting and sustaining a life on the road.

I’m not just fascinated by the idea of living on the road, my family is taking a (temporary) leap! Next Monday we’re leaving home and we will be traveling the United States through the end of the year.

It’s exactly the kind of trip I always thought we would never be able to do, or at the very least figured we’d have to wait until the kids were grown to go on — and then I got really frustrated with the idea of waiting until retirement age to make things happen. Life’s too unpredictable to count on the opportunity being there decades from now, and why not share all of the sights and experiences with our kids now?

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