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AZ Central: Top 7 things to do around Arizona this spring

From the bloggers at AZ Central.

Play with baby goats, take a white-knuckle ride on the Apache Trail, enjoy nature.

Spring is such a beautiful season that we like to start it early in Arizona.

For much of the state, spring began on Groundhog Day. But even with several weeks of the softest season already under our belts, there’s no reason to let go now that the calendar has finally caught up. Revel in the renewal and rebirth of spring as long as you can.

Because in Arizona, sometimes summer rolls in sooner than planned, too.

Romp with baby goats

The Ranch at Fossil Creek, in the Mogollon Rim hamlet of Strawberry, is 15 acres teeming with dairy goats and llamas. The family farm produces artisan cheeses, soaps, lotions and creamy fudge, all made from goat milk and for sale in their store.

But this is more than a shopping trip, it’s a hands-on family outing where human kids can pet and play with their four-legged counterparts. Baby goats (also called kids) begin arriving toward the end of March and are as feisty as puppies in their spacious enclosure that includes a multilevel jungle gym of plywood ramps and platforms. Goat petting is $5 per person.

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