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Auto Evolution: Trailering tips you should know about

From the bloggers at Auto Evolution.

As summer comes into its own and families prepare to go on vacation, the time is right to talk about a number of general trailering aspects. The pickup truck is king in America, and a summer vacation road trip is better with a full-size workhorse trailering a caravan.

Regardless of the trailer, drivers have to prepare their trucks before setting off.

For the trailering-shy, this guide offers the dos and don’ts of trailering. The basics imply that pulling a trailer requires regular inspection of the equipment, especially the hitch, brake lights, and signals. After that, beginner drivers are advised to find an empty parking lot and get used to maneuvering the truck-trailer combination. Jackknifing happens to the best out there though, so don’t give up after your first try.

Spare tire

Always keep a spare tire onboard. A full-size spare for your workhorse doesn’t suffice though. We’re referring to a spare wheel for your trailer. A flat trailer tire sans the spare equates to a massive headache, especially if the puncture happens in a remote area. So that’s two spare tires: one for the pickup truck, one for the trailer.

Check the tire pressure

Proper inflation is utmost necessary when trailering. It optimizes handling, fuel economy and, above anything else, your control over the truck-trailer combo. Do not forget to refrain yourself from exceeding the maximum speed of the trailer. Furthermore, some states enforce different trailering speed limits. In Idaho, the speed limit is mirrored by that of passenger vehicles. On the other hand, Alaska enforces a 45 mph maximum speed.

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