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Scout Williams

Scout Williams is a 12-year-old who has been living the RV lifestyle full-time since 2012 traveling around the country with her parents, sister, brother and dog. Based out of Fort Myers, Fla., she is a "roadschooler" who is especially interested in art, science and writing. Her dream is to one day own a horse.

Fulltime Families offers support to parents, kids

FTF at Legoland

Fulltime Families is a "total support membership club" started in March 2010 out of a need for Kimberly's family to have resources on the road. She said it is designed for families who are living or seeking a full-time RV lifestyle, while they are still raising kids.

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When traveling by RV, books and movies come to life

Book Fotolia

Whether you choose to read a book, article, brochure or advertisement, or watch a movie or documentary, I suggest doing a little research, when possible, about adventures planned. It can certainly build the anticipation of a visit, as well as give you pointers of what to look for while there.

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Yes, you can create personal space in an RV

Scout - RV living

Maybe you don't want to move into a RV because you think your kids won't have any privacy. But, there are so many ways to personalize a sleeping space or room, and organize your teen's life to make RV living fun and successful.

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What’s so good about roadschooling?

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

(Oct. 18, 2015) -- You don't need to be a genius to teach kids while roadschooling. Whether your lesson comes from friendships made, tours taken, museums visited or even people helped, education is available to all who are willing to learn and be creative in searching for resources. America is a great place to be!

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Assateague Island: Where horses and people roam free

Assateague 1

Assateague's seashore is a great place place to visit with families of all ages, even Fido. My family planned to stay for a week and ended up staying for more than a month. From the moment you get off the bridge you will most likely be greeted by horses grazing on marshes. Knowing there are wild horses roaming on an island -- so free -- leaves me in awe.

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