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Robert Sears is a professional driving instructor who once owned a company that trained more than 70,000 people to drive. Today he is an author working on several non-fiction books and writing traffic safety articles for consumer and special interest publications. He is a 30-year motorhome owner who has logged several hundred thousand miles of RV driving experience.

What happened to loyalty?

Loyalty word cloud concept with business trust related tags

(Dec. 13, 2016) -- True loyalty is something that has to be earned. A company earns the loyalty of its employees. A business earns the loyalty of its customers. A team earns the loyalty of its fans. That’s what I was taught and that’s what I firmly believed. But, that’s changed now. Loyalty is no longer earned as it once was – now we buy it!

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A few things we would rather forget

America's loneliest highway -- not the best stop for an RV problem.

(Nov. 28, 2016) -- What follows are a few of those interesting little mishaps – speed bumps if you will - that will eventually come along for most of us if we stay at it long enough. Looking back it was all fun, at least that’s the way we see it.

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Only an angry face


Other than driving, can you think of any other human activity wherein law and logic are so openly defied – regard for life and limb are so utterly ignored – and wherein otherwise rational individuals so readily accept suicidal behavior as the norm?

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Goodbye my dear, I’m returning to the 1950s

1950s couple

When I’m stuck on the best way to phrase something or other, or just waiting for that illusive inspiration to knock, I kick back and most often my gaze wanders to that Jim Berry work with which I identify so thoroughly. “Goodbye, my dear, I am returning to the fifties.”

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Donald and Daisy bring their friends to the pool


In late August/early September every day for about a month several hundred or so mallards will take off from one small lake, form up in precise military V-formations of about 20 birds each, flap like crazy like they’re headed for Manitoba and then skid onto another small lake about two hundred yards away! What’s the point, Daffy?

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A mysterious helper in the night

mysterious man

With the awning flapping in the storm and me holding on for the ride, out of the darkness a hooded figure appeared next to me, grabbed hold of the unruly awning and over the raging wind shouted, “You look like you need some help.” I couldn’t see his face, but that didn’t matter.

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What traffic light?

Traffic lights Fotolia

We’d just made it out of town when two unshaven and rumpled San Felipe policia in a dilapidated black & white decided we looked like a promising traffic stop.

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What’s the rush?

Road rage concept.

 Is it just me or are people in a lot bigger hurry today than ever before? I don’t know - it just seems to me as if everybody’s going at full throttle all the time whether they need to or not. And, if you’re not willing to do the same - they don’t like you.

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Father knows best; or does he?

Older driver

Let’s be real. For 15 years our kids watch us ignore speed limits and stop signs, drive distracted, tailgate, get angry behind-the-wheel and do other bad stuff. Then we tell teenagers they’re supposed to “drive like adults.” Really?

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The spare room

RVIA - Class C interior

At times like this the motorhome comes in very handy as an annex so to speak. It sleeps six and, when everything’s hooked up, it’s very comfortable. The kids love it. In fact sometimes we can’t get ‘em out of there!

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When will technology impact driving safety?

Self-driving vehicle Fotolia

In a world where self-driving vehicles are coming within reach, it’s curious that one of our young Silicon Valley mover-shakers out there hasn’t come up with the answer to one of our deadly highway killers -- drowsy driving.

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A life-changing decision

stressed or relaxed

I looked at him that morning and thought, “This guy is a heart attack looking for a place to happen!” I asked myself if I could be headed for that. I didn’t like the answer. I made a decision that morning that would change our lives forever.

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