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Richard Peck is a certified sommelier in The Court of Master Sommeliers, as well as a certified wine educator in The Society of Wine Educators. He and his wife, Susan, are full-time RVers based in Sonoma County, Calif. They are currently doing a survey of Texas Hill Country wineries and planning a series of articles about everything you wanted to know about wine, but were afraid to ask. To pose a question, email Richard at To follow their adventures, visit

Which is better — boxed wine or bottled wine?


Boxed wines, like screwcaps, have a bad reputation. Their reputations were formed in the days when only very bad wine was bottled with a screwcap or put in a box. Today, that’s not always true. Here are half a dozen reasons to consider boxed wine.

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A work camper’s view: RVers biggest trash sins

Richard - Trash Thank You

Having now collected our neighbors’ trash for several months, in a park that offers this service, here are 10 ways you can make your work camper’s day more pleasant. And who knows? A work camper may be your next-door neighbor.

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Surviving a summer hailstorm in your RV


“Foreknowledge is forearmed,” as the saying goes. If you see a storm approaching with high likelihood of hail, pull up stakes and get out of its way if you can. But what if you can’t avoid a storm?

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Wine 103: The magic of a taste test

wine bottles and glasses

Wine is meant to be enjoyed. The ways we enjoy wine are to drink it, to pair it with food, and to share it with friends. So how should we evaluate wine by tasting, to ensure we are sharing good wine with our friends?

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