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In 1997, Mark quit his aerospace engineering job and became a full-time RVer. For almost five years he traveled the country while maintaining his website, Mark’s Fulltime RV Adventure ( posting monthly travel logs. Mark now travels part-time and works as the RV Safety Education Director for Escapees RV Club providing technical training at Escapees Boot Camp seminars, as well as assisting in many other areas of the club. He is also technical advisor for Escapees magazine. Learn more about Escapees RV Club at

Mark My Words: Do I need a trickle charger?

battery charge clips

What starter batteries don’t like is being connected to the RV’s converter and being constantly charged at the same rate and voltage as the house batteries. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use a small “trickle charger” or “battery maintainer” to maintain the charge on your starter battery.

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Mark My Words: Gas vs. diesel

Gas pump Fotolia

I’m currently contemplating the purchase of a fifth wheel. The unit I’m interested in is 14,000 pounds, so I’ll have to buy a bigger pickup to pull it. Do I want a diesel or a gas pickup? Why do I want either one?

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Mark My Words: Ending bathroom odors

Nasty Bathroom Job

I would like to know what would cause odor from the bathroom to come up into the RV during travel. When we stop, you can smell an odor when you step inside the fifth-wheel, but when stationary there is no odor.

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Mark My Words: Curbing air conditioner odor


We have a 2011 motorhome that has two air conditioning units. Although we periodically wash and dry the foam filters in the units, we are getting a musty odor every time we turn it on. The odor only lasts a few minutes, but it is truly unpleasant.

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Mark My Words: How level does an RV need to be?

leveling blocks

I’m wondering how much twist the chassis and coach can withstand. What would be the effect if I simply parked it on the cement despite the unevenness of the parking space? I remain concerned that, without some help, this is a tremendous strain on the structural elements

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Mark My Words: My battery was smoking

Checking car battery

I noticed a faint whiff of sulfur somewhere near our 2007 motorhome, but I could not locate the source of the smell. I soon found that our 12-volt, maintenance-free chassis battery was smoking and too hot to be touched without leather gloves.

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Mark My Words: Fixing a leaking grey water tank

Man Holding Nose

The gray-water tank is leaking when it gets about two-thirds full. The tank was put on the chassis over the gas tank, and the floor and bathtub were then installed over the water tank. Because of this installation, there is no way to get to the gray-water tank to repair it.

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