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Kevin Hulit

Kevin Hulit is chief marketing officer for Cedar Mountain RVI, an RV inspection and services company that also offers enhancements to the campground experience. Originally from California, he also lived in New England before settling in New Jersey with his wife and children. Kevin attended Rutgers University where he earned a B.A., and has held various sales and marketing positions over the years. He is a writer at heart, a published poet, and will use anything as an excuse to get outdoors.

Mosquito defense in the great outdoors

Mosquito in nature. close

With headlines of Zika virus being transmitted from mosquito to human in Florida recently hitting the news, taking a few minutes to brush up on mosquito defense may prove worthwhile if an outdoor excursion is in the near future.

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RV Wi-Fi: Roam where you want to travel

Laptop and coffee in outdoor office

Connecting to the internet is a daily activity. Installing a mobile Wi-Fi solution, RV Wi-Fi, is a smart way to stay connected, and say in touch with the digital side of life, wherever you may roam.

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Destination Alaska: The trip of a lifetime

Alaska mountain Kenai

When you can find a place these days that doesn’t have cellular coverage, you know you’ve found something special. When gas stations are unattended, and eagles double as alarm clocks, you have found the frontier.

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Fluid analysis: A must-have for RV owners

Laboratory for chemical analysis

Routine analysis of fluids can save RV owners money, create clear and effective insight on maintenance, and make the vehicle and equipment more reliable overall. And, it is very inexpensive; typically less than the cost of an oil change.

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