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Hope St. Claire is an avid animal advocate and mother of two. In the midst of writing her first novel, she is also planning her future as a full-time RVer and will be hitting the road for her own adventures within the year. Preparing for her new life on the road, Hope has been researching and organizing her “ideal road trips” across the U.S. along with amassing tips for animal loving nomads, all of which she is now sharing with other like-minded travelers. An unrepentant movie buff and insatiable reader, Hope also enjoys horseback riding, an eclectic assortment of music, and currently has two dogs and two cats – all rescues.

The perfect trip for animal lovers


(Oct. 20, 2016) -- With a public that is becoming ever more conscious of the myriad of animal welfare issues that exist, many travelers are looking for an alternative to zoos and theme parks; they want to visit locations where they know an animal is being treated right and is living the best life possible – namely sanctuaries.

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