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Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is the editor of Let's RV and the editor of RV Daily Report. A Wisconsin native and father of three grown daughters, he is now based out of Arizona and travels the country in his Winnebago Adventurer motorhome interviewing industry professionals and interesting RVers alike. He can be reached at

Roadtrekking: When time stands still the week before an RV trip


(March 10, 2015) -- Want time to pass slower? Plan an RV trip. It seems forever away. We’re scheduled to leave for a quick two-week visit to Florida on Thursday morning. I’ve been ready for a week. Make that two weeks. While the Roadtrek is not yet packed physically, I’m already gone.

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Huffington Post: The quietest place in America

Hoh Rain Forest (photo by National Park Service)

(March 9, 2015) -- Armed with a tape recorder, he looked for places where he could record a whole tape's worth of sound without one human interruption from noises like planes, voices or cars. By the early 90s, he had concluded there were less than 12 of these "quiet places" in the entire lower 48 states.

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Sniff ‘n’ Stop keeps pests away from RVs


Sniff ‘N’ Stop is made up of essential oils that are encapsulated, amplified and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer. The negatively charged molecules are drawn to positively charged “pests” like a magnet. Confused, the pests release pheromones to warn others of their same species to stay away.

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Love Your RV: An afternoon visit to Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico


(March 9, 2015) -- Our burro leader named Loupe was also to be our guide for the visit. Loupe then led us to the main part of town which consists of a few restaurants, a bar and some shops selling touristy knick-knacks and clothing. Most folks head straight to the Jose Falcon’s Restaurant, a locally famous Boquillas Del Carmen eatery and bar.

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An open letter to the Millennials at Google

Google Maps logos lg

So, the question is, why does Google Maps insist on calling manufactured home communities "campgrounds" and "RV parks?" When people search for campgrounds, they are looking for temporary locations to park a recreation vehicle for a night or two or a week or two. They are generally not looking to set up permanent residences. They want to have a campfire and sit under their awnings enjoying an adult beverage while their children play.

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Box Canyon Blog: Lion Sleeps II


(March 6, 2015) -- It's been a kind winter here in Arid-zona—wet, like it used to be—as green and lush as I can ever remember. Perhaps if all winters were this rainy, "The Grand Canyon State" would stand a chance of meeting the thirst of its growing suburban sunbelt communities.

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Technomadia: Off to the Escapee’s Escapade in Tucson


(March 6, 2015) -- Tomorrow morning we’ll pull into the Pima County Fairgrounds, starting our adventures at the Escapee’s 55th Annual Escapade in Tucson. It will be a fun week ahead for sure! We’re looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

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Family tradition becomes a lifestyle for KOA owners

Mead - Boy

(March 6, 2015) -- "We had camped with our own kids for years before we considered buying a campground. Camping is a great investment parents can make with their kids," Tim explained. "Owning a campground is a nice, fun way to make a living while providing a valuable service."

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