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Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is the editor of Let's RV and the editor of RV Daily Report. A Wisconsin native and father of three grown daughters, he is now based out of Arizona and travels the country in his Winnebago Adventurer motorhome interviewing industry professionals and interesting RVers alike. He can be reached at editor@letsrv.com

Is there anything more relaxing than a campground at night?

RVIA - campfire

Is there anything more relaxing than a campground at night? Tonight, I just walked around the campground watching and listening to all the activity. All in all, this packed campground is still alive with activity even as the clock ticks past 11 p.m. It is truly a wonderful lifestyle.

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Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser revives 1950s style

Gulf Stream Vintage

"Our team realized how much there was to love about the positive attitude, can-do spirit, and, prosperity of the 50’s generation. There was something about the look, the sound, the spirit, and the life of that era that everyone would like to recapture. And that’s what the design team tried to do with the Vintage Cruiser," said Fiedeke.

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Beaver Lake Campground — Custer, N.D.

Beaver Lake - Beaver

Families will find Beaver Creek Campground to be an affordable respite when visiting the tourist attractions around Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial. Located outside the town of Custer, S.D., the campground is less than 30 minutes from both attractions, and very close to the super scenic Custer State Park.

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Boston — The birthplace of the American Revolution

Boston park

Slip back in time to the very founding of America. Walk over the bridge where the "shot hear around the world" was fired. Stand under the balcony where the Declaration of Independence was first read in Massachusetts in 1776. Visit the church where Paul Revere risked his life to warn his neighbors about the pending arrival of British troops. If you're a Revolutionary War buff, and even if you just love historical places, visiting Boston has to be on your Top 10 list.

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Faulkner electric foldable 20-inch city bike

Faulkner - ready to use

The Faulkner electric foldable bike was just the thing I was looking for to tour the area, get around a campground and enjoy some exercise. It operates in three modes: fully manual, pedal assist and fully electric at speeds up to 19 mph for 24 miles. Best of all, it folds down to fit in a trunk or RV storage compartment. It assembles in seconds and comes with a one-year warranty.

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Grand Design rolls out lightweight trailer line

Imagine Interior B2F

“We wanted Imagine to not only hit the weight goals, but do it without the compromise that so many feel forced to in the pursuit of lighter weight. Industry leading tank capacities, 30-by-36-inch walk in shower, 60-by-80-inch queen beds and 81-inch interior radius ceilings are just a few of the areas where customers will no longer have to sacrifice,” said Staley.

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Dash cam video shows towing tragedy

Towing tragedy

"When the trailer starts to sway, the first thing the driver should have done was reach down and apply the override on the trailer brake controller and hold it until he got the trailer under control," said Cannon.

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Dent Vent: Conceal minor damage for less

Dent Vent

The Dent Vent is a new way to hide ugly body damage on a RV, a press release from the company stated. Even the smallest scratch or dent can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair, not to mention time without the coach

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Oxygenics BodySpa shower head review

Oxygenics 1

The change was noticeable. The device works by adding oxygen to the water stream to improve the pressure. I had a home-style shower again with a refreshing stream of water! More importantly, using the old shower head, I had to dump the tanks every seven days. With the new shower head, I can go 10 or 11 days before the tanks must be emptied.

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Stoney Creek RV Resort – Osseo, Wis.

Stoney Creek - seasonals

The resort is absolutely beautiful and well maintained. The individual campsites are very large and situated on level gravel pads with a cement patio with a picnic area. The park has a good mix of seasonal campers, overnighters and those looking to spend a week getting away from it all. The seasonal campers are situated in their own "community" away from the busyness of the park, but close enough to participate in all the activities.

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Campgrounds — The ideal family reunion venue

RVIA - Lazy Day on the Water Web

Other family reunions are extraordinarily successful events that people genuinely look forward to attending, so much so that attendance grows every year. Just ask any campground owners. They'll share stories about large family gatherings taking over the campground for a week or a weekend.

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