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Eric Johnson and his wife, Tami, are full-time RVers, and the owners of TechnoRV. He is a former human resources director with 25 years in the electronics and telecommunications industry, and she is a former educator with 18 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and curriculum writer. TechnoRV has been in business since 2007 to supply great products to enhance the RV lifestyle. To explore some great gadgets to make RVing more enjoyable, visit

Replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED lights

LED strip lights

There are many advantages of LED tubes over fluorescent tubes; some may be obvious, and some may not be obvious. Making the jump to LED tubes is a big decision and requires an investment of money, but I think it is worth it, and here is why.

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Dash cams: A new fad or an RVing necessity?

Dash cams

There are so many memorable moments that happen while we are traveling, and often times these moments happen when we least expect it. The second reason to have a dash cam is to document any incidents/accidents that may occur while on the road.

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