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Craig Royal and his family of six, plus two dogs, have given up normal life to live and travel in a RV full-time. They want to live a simpler life where they focus on each other, share experiences, and see the world together. You can follow their adventures at: Web: | Twitter: | Instagram: | YouTube:

Boondocking with kids


Boondocking takes on a whole new meaning when kids are involved. They tend to like to leave lights on, charge their tablets and ask for the air conditioner when it gets hot. They're so used to power and water being available on demand in basically an unlimited supply.

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Things we hate about full-time RVing


Along with these amazing times, there are definitely parts of this lifestyle that are not so great. We like to be open and honest about this so anyone dreaming of traveling full time can get the complete picture. It's not all sunshine and rainbows as my wife likes to say.

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Making a living on the road


We're a rather young family (my wife and I are nowhere near retirement) and we're living on the road seeing fantastic sights and enjoying amazing experiences. What gives? I must be a trustfund kid, right? No. We're just a regular family that values experiences more than possessions.

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Hiking with kids is an adventure


We've learned it can be an extremely challenging task when we are not on the same page as our kids when it comes to the hike. The good news is that we've also learned a few things on how to make a hike successful, so check out these tips on how to make hiking with kids a success.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park – Where the buffalo roam


The Maltese Cross cabin was the cabin that Teddy Roosevelt had built and lived in during his hunting and ranching adventures in North Dakota. It was ultimately moved to the park in 1959 where it was restored to its original state. Today you can tour the cabin and see how Roosevelt lived.

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Family travel is a crazy family adventure


Well, we were living the American Dream. We had a beautiful home that we had built ourselves. It was very family friendly with a big backyard, finished basement filled with toys in a nice subdivision where tons of other kids lived. I truly believed this would be the house I would retire in and where my grandkids would come visit. Well, all that changed and we did an about face on the "American Dream."

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Wisconsin Dells: The waterpark capital of the world


Wisconsin Dells is dubbed the "Waterpark Capital of the World," which is pretty ironic considering the city is frozen for most of the year. Well, those cold winters don't stop people from coming out in force once the weather turns and we were lucky enough to experience it recently.

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Fun family activities in Chicago

Chicago - sunset-skyline

The phrase "Summer in Chicago" just has a great ring to it. For a city that is blasted by bitter cold for almost seven months out of the year, they really know how to take advantage of the warm summer months.

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Make Tennessee your next family roadtrip

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We recently took a family road trip throughout Tennessee and had a great time experiencing the home of country music, exploring the Smoky Mountains and seeing everything else this great state has to offer.

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Georgia’s best kept secret

Jekyl - ft-frederica

There is a coastal island chain in Georgia between Savanna and Jacksonville, Fla., that is an absolute must stop. On top of countless family friendly things to do, there is such an old-time charm the islands give off, its hard to leave.

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Removing moldy Diamond Shield from an RV


In 2006, the product allowed moisture underneath the film or there was a problem with the application process. Either way, the moisture under the film ended up molding and turning the entire front into a dirty-looking brown with dark spots all over.

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