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Chelsea enjoys full time RV living and traveling β€” and trying new coffee shops wherever she goes β€” with her husband and 4 year old son. Her other hobbies include riding bikes, singing, dancing, acting, and reading. Her personal blog can be found at

Roadschooling 101

Cute little boy  do homework arts in green park

(Dec. 12, 2016) -- Despite the many obvious benefits of full-time living with kids, many folks are hesitant to jump on board due to feeling unsure about how to give their children a quality education while out on their adventure. So, how are all these families providing their children with an education while exploring the world? For most folks the answer is roadschooling.

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An RVer’s essential toolbox

Red toolbox full of hand tools

Things break, and while fixing them isn’t usually too difficult, some tools are required. This means it is only sensible to always keep these types of tools on hand.

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Have yourself an RV little Christmas


Based on what I have observed, it would seem RVers are just as creative in the Christmas celebration category as they are on any other holiday, making for some very fun, festive, and unusual ways of celebrating the season.

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A holiday gift guide especially for RVers

Man holding Christmas present

(Nov. 23, 2016) -- By keeping it compact and useful, you are giving your friends and family the gift of a stress-free post-holiday season, as well as an item that is certain to be used time and time again.

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Great apps for navigating Disney World


If you are one of the many full time RVers headed to Florida for the winter and you are looking for some ways to ensure any visits you might make to the magical world of Disney go as smoothly as possible, you will definitely want to download these nifty smartphone apps.

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Beautiful beach days in Cape May, N.J.


Cape May County in New Jersey is a beautiful place with adorable, colorful houses, exciting boardwalks and gorgeous beaches. People flock to the area during the summer months to splash in the ocean waters, leaving it still and virtually empty -- except for the residents -- during the fall and winter.

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Loving chocolate, having fun in Hershey, Pa.


We discovered that while this adorable little town has plenty to offer in the way of chocolate, it also has a variety of attractions and food stops that are completely unrelated to the sugary sweet treat, but are equally as fun.

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Working on the road: Ways to make money while traveling

Piggy Bank

While some people hit the road because their jobs require it, others manage to find work along the way. Still others have jobs that allow them to telecommute or run businesses that can be managed from anywhere in the world. The only thing left to do is ditch your office job and hit the road!

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Review: Thousand Trails Sea Pines in Swainton, N.J.

Sea Pines 14

One of our favorite campground stays was at a beautiful, wooded park in the quaint Cape May Court House area of New Jersey, and it goes by the name of Sea Pines RV Resort. This resort offered a variety of amenities, beautiful scenery, and a fun-loving sense of community that we appreciated very much.

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Musing in museums in North Carolina

Touch Tank at Discovery Place

North Carolina could easily be the best state to visit when you need to stick to a tight budget. I know after our jaunts through some of the pricier locations on the east side of the country, we gladly welcomed the savings we found in this southern state.

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RVing in the Big Apple

NY 2

We ventured forth into one of the largest cities in the world pulling our travel trailer behind us and lived to tell the tale. What's more, we actually enjoyed ourselves, and would even consider doing it again.

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Washington, D.C.: Your American adventure awaits

Washington DC travel collage with landmarks and architecture.

Thanks to the free admission at the Smithsonian museums and galleries, and the iconic monuments and memorials that are free for anyone to take a gander at, this city is actually one of the most affordable places we have visited.

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