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Bryanna Royal and her family of six, plus two dogs, have given up normal life to live and travel in a RV full-time. They want to live a simpler life where they focus on each other, share experiences, and see the world together. You can follow their adventures at: Web: | Twitter: | Instagram: | YouTube:

Christmas on the road


(Dec. 16, 2016) -- This has been a challenge for us, our kids, and definitely our family and friends. While we love being on the road and experiencing new destinations, being away from friends and family, especially this time of year, is rough.

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Bryce/Zion round out Mighty Five national parks


Rounding out Utah's Big Five National Parks are Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. These two are in the southwestern portion of the state. The great thing about the National Parks in Utah are that none of them are the same, they each offer something.

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Visiting the wild west of Moab, Utah

Photo courtesy of

Moab was a great little city to visit for all the outdoor adventure they offered as well as the close proximity to two of the best national parks in the country. It is one of the coolest places we've visited since it has such a scenic landscape and so many outdoor adventures available.

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Exploring Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park is one of the best national parks we have visited yet; in fact, it may just be my favorite. The views are second to none, every single hike we took had a view at the end that made me forget the grueling trek it took to get there, and the size of the park is small enough that you can see a lot of it in a few days, but big enough to spend a life time exploring it.

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What to do when someone is hurt while traveling

Hospital Emergency Sign

We learned some valuable lessons from this. The first is to know your surroundings when traveling. Know where the closest hospital is. Know whether 911 is the right emergency number to call. Before you hit the road, give your insurance company a call to see if there is anything you need to know about before you go.

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On the road again

Bryanna - glacier-national-park sm

Leaving Wisconsin and our family and friends was really tough for all of us, but we were really excited for the next leg of our adventure. We were heading to Glacier National Park, which meant we had several days of long drives.

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Minneapolis: A great family destination


Minneapolis is a booming city with high-rise business centers and a skywalk that connects to all of them, yet right around the corner you'll find a beautiful park, lake or waterfall. Best of all, it's home to the world's largest shopping center -- Mall of America -- a 4,870,000-square-foot experience all in itself.

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Crazy family adventure: Visiting home

Bryanna - visiting home

Without living the RV lifestyle, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to stay so close to my parents for this long. When we were living in our house, we'd see my parents maybe once a week, even though we lived about 30 minutes away from each other.

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Feel the rush at Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is one of the most iconic landmarks in the country. I mean, we all went there on our eigth grade field trip, right? Well, visiting again as an adult and with my family was definitely an awe-inspiring trip.

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Miami: Home to fine food, Flipper, big gators and Cuban coffee

Palms and skyline of Miami

Miami is a very diverse city. On one hand you have possibly the most unique ecosystem in the country with the Everglades just a short ride from the city, then you have Little Havana with it's Cuban roots on display all up and down Calle Ocho to the up and coming art district of Wynwood.

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The ultimate Florida Keys roadtrip

Sunset view of Keys Bridge in Islamorada, Florida

We visited in early 2015 for a couple of weeks and instantly fell in love with the island chain. It had such a Caribbean feel with the conveniences of being in the United States. We loved it so much that we took an extended stay in 2016, for about three months, and it was very hard to leave.

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