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ASA offers digital wireless observation system

ASA Electronics has developed new features for the digital wireless observation system WVOS541 Voyager by allowing the pairing of up to four cameras using WiSight technology.

The new kit includes a 5.6-inch color LCD monitor with a 12-volt DC plug and one auto pairing, CMOS digital, wireless observation camera. The monitor features integrated audio from the camera and a suction cup monitor mount. This kit is versatile for drivers of any large trailer vehicles. A second front mounted camera can aid in hitching, while a camera placed inside a trailer allows the driver to keep an eye on cargo.

Meanwhile, cameras placed on the rear of the trailer would help eliminate dangerous blind spots. With the capability of four wireless cameras, this system allows toy hauler owners to change camera views to keep an eye on their toys while underway. Equestrians can ensure the safety of their horses while those with valuable cargo can always confirm stability during their expedition, the company noted.

Each Voyager camera features wide viewing angles, infrared LED illumination for low light performance, and a built-in microphone. The cameras can connect to any 12-volt circuit in the vehicle including the taillights or running lights.

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