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ASA introduces new Jensen sound bar

In response to customer requests and industry demand, ASA Electronics today released its first sound bar.

The Jensen JSB4000 completes the offering of at-home quality entertainment systems that are designed for the RV environment, said Jennifer King, RV industry manager for ASA Electronics.

“This sound bar augments our line of AV products, and works seamlessly with Jensen wall mount stereos, matching them in terms of power output,” she explained. “It follows our business model of designing specifically for the mobile application and addresses a multitude of considerations for RV entertainment.”

Featuring a built in amp with an onboard crossover, the appropriate frequencies are delivered to each of the six drivers. This allows for the rumble of the two woofers, warm tones from the midrange speakers, and the crisp high notes from both tweeters to come through for enhanced sound quality.

Distortion typically found in sound bars is reduced and fidelity is improved offering all the sound of a home theater system, King said, adding that the aesthetics of the JSB4000 offer a sleek design that will instantly complete a high end feel for RV entertainment spaces.

It isn’t a sound bar in the traditional sense when considering the options available from retail brands, she explained. Extinguishing the mounting and spacing problems encountered with many retail brands, this sound bar is designed to be recessed into the entertainment center wall, she noted.

“So far, market response to the JSB4000 has been tremendous. RV product managers understand the problems that it solves and they appreciate the market competitive price, especially in comparison with the lack of quality products that have been brought to the RV market in the past,” King said.

Jim Hess, ASA RV OEM account manager, believes the JSB4000 is perfect for any manufacturer looking for a high quality entertainment experience with a seamless fit and finish.

“The incredible sound quality paired with the high end build is the finishing touch needed for an impeccable RV entertainment system.” he explained.

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