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Podcast - Dave Sheetz 3 sm

A&S RV Center: Top 5 best travel and RV podcasts

From the bloggers at A&S RV Center:

If you are like us, you live sleep and breathe RVs and travel! When we aren’t on the road or fiddling with our RVs, we like to absorb more knowledge or hear stories about people on the road.

With the new medium podcasting really taking off, you can find amazing people to listen to. Whether they are experts or people who enjoy RVing and traveling like you, there is a podcast out there for you!

To view A&S RV Center’s list of the top travel/RV podcasts that you should start following today, click here.

*** NOTE: Let’s RV Editor Greg Gerber has a podcast as well that explores RV industry issues. It’s called RV Industry News and is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He’s pictured below interviewing Dave Sheetz, vice president of sales at Dometic.

Podcast - Dave Sheetz 3 sm

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