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Artwork comes to life in California

Imaginative, creative, realistic, awesome, artistic, amazing, expansive — use your most flamboyant vocabulary to describe the artistic endeavors of Ricardo Breceda.

A road trip from the Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Menifee, Calif., to Temecula, Calif., and beyond reveals some of the outstanding works of metal sculpture created by Breceda. If you extend the day trip to Borrego Springs and the Galleta Meadows compound, you will have experienced a Wild West/Jurassic Park Museum and Reserve in the desert hills of southern California.

Exit I-15 at Temecula and take California Hwy. 79 east toward the Vail Lake RV Resort. A larger than life stagecoach, complete with occupants, and pulled by four dashing horses caught my attention as it appeared ready to roar across the highway directly in front of my speeding Toad. I braked to prevent a collision.

A bit further along the highway are dinosaurs, more horses, a huge snake and more diverse artwork can be seen through the brush and trees as these large creations roam the desert and the RV resort. Many other creatures currently reside near the Breceda studio within the RV resort. However, a recent posting by the artist states that the new owners of Vail Lake Resort have forced him to leave the resort and he will be locating at his gallery in Old Town Temecula.

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In and near Temecula there are many more prehistoric and modern animal sculptures created by this self-taught artist, both in his gallery and in the wild. One is amazed at the detail in the sculptures, they are truly works of art.

The story of how this artist began his art career in answer to a plea from his young daughter is an interesting read.

A virtual tour of more unique and diverse sculptures located at Borrego Springs, Calif., is available by visiting the Galleta Meadows Estate website at www.galletameadows.com or the Anza-Borrego Travel Blog at www.backroadswest.com/anza.

People can buy Breceta’s art by visiting his website at www.ricardoabreceda.com.

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