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Aransas Pass Progress: Quilting

From the bloggers at Aransas Pass Progress.

The history of quilting in the United States has been rich and varied according to Texas Tech University Education Department. In the early 1800s, the clothing industry began producing cheap and washable cottons which brought the beginning of a new creativity to quilt making.

Hand-pieced tops were hand-quilted by groups of friends at popular quilting bees. During the years leading to the Civil War, quilts began to be used to raise funds and make statements of friendship, politics or war.

Today, quilts continue to be created for many of these reasons. Several churches in the North Bay area have quilting groups whose quilts may be raffled or donated to a charity.

Individual quilters choose different projects and patterns to create personal gifts or items for themselves. Bed-sized quilts usually require a large working space so quilters who choose the RV lifestyle make changes to adapt to smaller working space.

According to Quilters Club of America, many of the RV quilters use a travel sewing machine which can be set up on the dining table, on a picnic table or a folding table outside or carried to a park activity room. Using the under-the-bed storage area for fabric “stash” and tools was one suggestion.

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