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Amazon Prime — A traveling RVer’s best resource

As a full-time RVer, Amazon Prime membership is worth every cent of that $99 annual fee.

People with a mobile lifestyle quickly learn how difficult it can be to find their favorite product or get a replacement part for something when it breaks.  It’s hard enough not having a physical address, but finding a local store that carries your size shoe or a specific cable that you need when your computer stops working can be tricky.  Amazon Prime makes life much easier in that regard.

Although, not free, Amazon Prime quickly pays for itself.  Amazon boasts about low prices and quick delivery.  More than 30 million items are eligible for Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping.

Benefits of an Amazon Prime membership go far beyond free two-day shipping, although this is my favorite! Included in your $99 membership — which you can share with others– are the following benefits:

The great two-day FREE shipping on millions of products that we discussed above.  This is a life saver when you need a birthday present for a last minute party or when you need a quick part for a project you are working on.

Access to early lightning deals on  You will have a chance to snag these deals 30 minutes before regular Amazon shoppers.  Thirty minutes may not seem like a lot, but deals can sell out in less time than this.

Enjoy Prime Instant Video. You will get unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies through this benefit.  This feature is a strong competitor with Netflix and, if you chose to, it could replace that expense in your monthly budget and free up space that DVD’s would take up.

Take advantage of unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud Drive (similar to iCloud).  Avoid the dreaded “your storage is full” message on your phone by using this feature.

Free same-day delivery is even offered in some zip codes.  I haven’t been able to take advantage of this, but would love to hear if you have.

Unlimited access to streaming music is just another perk of your membership.  There are more than a million songs to choose from and ad-free playlists which are great for using on road trips or workouts.

Kick back and relax with endless choices of free book downloads via the lending library on your Kindle or kindle app.  On top of these options, you will also have the chance to download a free new book from the Kindle first picks each month.

Did you know that Amazon has its own line of everyday products?  You get access to “Amazon Elements” with your membership.

Prime Pantry allows you to purchase household items such as groceries and pet products at a low price.  Each Pantry box has a flat shipping rate of $5.99.

Even though this membership is worth the $99 that it costs yearly, you may be eligible for a discount!  A whopping 50 percent discount is available to students and those “moms” and other caregivers who join Amazon Mom and save up to 20 percent off diapers.

Another great benefit of Amazon Prime is that you can share your membership with two other adults living under the same address. Some restrictions apply, but it is a great option to share with others in your household.

Our Amazon Prime membership has provided the comforts of home as we are out on the open road.  We know we can quickly get products in a pinch and stay stocked up on our essentials.  The unlimited streaming, photo storage and music have been bonus perks that we have thoroughly enjoyed.

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