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Aluminarium: Podcasts and bird watching

From the bloggers at Aluminarium.

On drive days we usually listen to podcasts. Our regular programs include This American Life, Ted Radio Hour and Season 2 of Serial.

I was going to share this fantastic link once we made it through the list, and tell you our favorites, but with 40 to go, I figured that was kind of selfish.

The 50 best podcast episodes of 2015

We’ve listened to the first 9 on the list, and the eleventh. We skipped #10 due to the amount of time we had left to drive. Number 2, “New York After Rent” didn’t hold our interest. The rest of the programs were great and made our past few drive days zip by.

Please share any podcasts or single podcast episodes that you think we’ll like! Thank you!

To read the full story by Aluminarium, click here.

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