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Aluminarium: Leadville Boondocking

From the bloggers at Aluminarium.

There’s something to be said about having someone scout a campsite for you. We always had County Road 48 in our back pocket as a place to camp in Leadville, but wanted to find something new.

I spoke with someone else who thought that he had the best spot in the area, so I got the GPS coordinates from him. It turns out the coordinates were off, and it led us to a spot that was already occupied. Brian went back later in the week without the trailer in tow and found the spot we should have gone to: Twin Lakes North.

Next we tried out the spot the ranger recommended, Twin Lakes Reservoir. It was fine, but the good spots were already occupied.

After an hour of scouting with the trailer, we decided to head north to County Road 48. It already had a review from Watsons Wander so we knew it would work out, though we were surprised to see how busy it was.

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