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All Those Details: Organizing a pop up trailer

From the bloggers at All Those Details.

It’s the end of the season, so I thought I’d talk about how we managed to go on eight camping trips this season, with little packing stress. The key was organizing the tent trailer (a.k.a. “pop-up” trailer). Most of these tips  apply to camping in general. It is a work in progress, so below I’ve shared what we did this summer.

First, have a camping checklist so you can pack as much ahead of time as possible.

Tote #1: Kitchen

This one stays in the trailer. Anything that needs to be washed when we get home can easily be put away after it’s clean. This tote includes:

◾Pots & pans
◾Cutting Boards
◾Plates & Bowls
◾Cups & Mugs

Tote #2: Food

This tote stays in the house between trips. It’s stocked with staples and we fill the rest with perishables before each trip. Food staples that are always in tote #2.

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