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Airstream Outside Interests: A national park on wheels

From the bloggers at Airstream Outside Interests

Airstreams have had a long, congenial relationship with the National Park system—the two rather grew up together, with Airstream kind of a kid brother to the older park system. Indeed, this year Airstream produced the Pendleton trailer, a commemorative issue recognizing the park system’s 100th anniversary.

Doug Leen
Doug Leen, on left

Having been a seasonal ranger for Grand Teton National Park for years in the 70s, Doug Leen knows a fair amount about the parks and their history. He’s touring around to all the parks now in a 1948 Airstream Trailwind, which by its contents and design is a mini-national park on wheels.

His 1973 discovery of an original Works Progress Administration (WPA) poster, one of 14 commissioned between 1938 and 1941, led him on a winding trail in search of other originals, resulting in him years later finding the negatives for 13 of the images. His business, Ranger Doug’s Enterprises, initially reproduced the 14 WPA posters and was later commissioned by many of the other parks to produce new prints in the vintage style of the originals.

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