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Advanced RV: Shakedown tests, what we look for

From Advanced RV: 

Quality control is central to Advanced RV’s build process. We perform quality checks every step of the way, from visual inspections and functionality tests to extensive leak testing on all plumbing systems and externally sealed parts. The goal is to deliver your motor home with no functional or aesthetic issues.

Of course, a motor home is a complex network of systems. As hard as we try, we sometimes miss things, or things go out of alignment in early use. For this reason, some clients ask us to run shakedown tests before they take delivery.

The shakedown involves an Advanced RV engineer, designer, or craftsperson taking the motor home on an overnight trial. We check all systems, making every effort to ensure no signs of use. We keep the mileage below 400 and use freshwater to test all fresh, grey, and black tanks and plumbing. We don’t use the toilet, and we don’t cook, except to verify that the microwave and cooktop are functioning properly. We also cover the beds and seats.

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