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ABS News: Why you should travel with your partner

From the bloggers at ABS News.

For almost five years, Carolina Esguerra Colborn traveled to 49 American states, nine Canadian provinces and six Mexican states with her American husband with the help of an RV.

A former Manila-based executive who now lives in the US, Colborn shares her travel experiences with her husband through her first book, “Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream,” which will be launched on June 27 here in the Philippines.

Speaking to a small group of journalists during her brief visit to Manila, Colborn recalled both the ups and downs of traveling with her partner, who she met through a dating website.

“They say there’s no room for disagreement when you’re in an RV because it’s too small. But that’s not true, there’s a lot of room for disagreement exactly because it’s too small,” she recalled, letting out a slight chuckle as she referred to a specific chapter in her book, when she found out that her husband was chatting with his former college sweetheart.

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