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Las Cruces Farmers Market – A local tradition

Growing up in small town Wisconsin, I was used to attending the local farmers’ market mid-week. Here in Las Cruces, N.M., they conduct a mid-week market that is large in comparison to the one back home.

However, if given the chance, check out the Las Cruces Farmers’ and Crafts Market that is held every Saturday morning. Everything else pales in comparison.

Just this morning, I made my final visit to the market before I leave for points north. I have made numerous visits over the last month or two, but today I visited with a mission. I was armed with my camera and a bit of cash and did not leave disappointed!

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What I enjoy about the market, held at the downtown mall, are the colors, the variety, the smells, and the crowd. There is definitely something for everyone!

Today, I was looking for, and found, a pepper roaster for Norm. Who doesn’t like grilled jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese, and perhaps even wrapped with bacon? My mission was successful.

When we pull up stakes Wednesday it is with one brand new roaster that will be used this summer in Wisconsin. I cannot wait to sample Norm’s creations.

Even though I wasn’t shopping for anything else in particular today, I enjoyed looking at what the vendors had to offer. Any of them I asked about taking a photo was happy to oblige. There were glass and leather crafters, numerous jewelry vendors, musicians, bakers, and much more.

As is normal with me, it was the much more that caught my attention. I cannot believe how creative people are these days! There was a gentleman making animals out of bottle caps, a woman sculpting clay, and numerous vendors offered carved walking sticks.

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I would be amiss if I did not talk about the awesome smells that fill the air from food cooking, baking or popping. At least half a dozen food trucks are on site to tempt the shoppers with their gastro creations. From burgers to tacos, the food trucks cater to all tastes.

Are you looking for just a snack to hold you over? Why not try some fresh made kettle corn, or a slice of pizza? I promise, the smells alone will have you drooling.

Whatever you crave, whatever you need, I promise the Las Cruces Farmers’ Market will have it for you.

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