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Winter in Review

A Life Made Simple: Winter in review

From the bloggers at A Life Made Simple:

What a trip. Yes, I say that every year. And every year I really mean it. As I wade through the thousands of pictures that I’ve taken over the five months I reminisce as I go — recalling each place, event or situation.  I get lost in it. Making it days rather than hours to bring it all together.

Photo editing and summarizing five months of traveling is a task I find daunting. On the other hand, it is fun to relive our adventures south one more time before moving on.Now, in the spring sitting here on a real sofa, we have a chance to go over the plans we made in the fall and how they panned out.

Was this the right trip for us? Yes and no.

To read the full story at A Life Made Simple, click here.

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