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A Life Made Simple: We love Victoria, British Columbia

From the bloggers at A Life Made Simple.

We are excited to show our very fun trip over to Vancouver Island just over a week ago now.

There is a bit of a story to our adventure. Originally Cassia and I were headed to the lower mainland and Vancouver Island back in mid October, a few days after we finished work. Sadly, that wasn’t to be and it also wasn’t to be at the end of October when we rescheduled.

Unfortunately, we had a ton of trouble with that little car you may remember that we bought at the end of September. Turns out it had some issues – thankfully it turned out to be more time consuming then costly. By the time that was done we decided it was too late for Cas and I to be driving the mountain roads.

Once we made a plan to fly to the Island instead, we took pity on Derek and decided to take him along.

To read the full story by A Life Made Simple, click here.

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