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A Life Made Simple: My hike to the waterfalls

From the bloggers at A Life Made Simple.

This is Cassia! Cassia Wood.

Mom says that maybe I should do the blog post this time because the pictures are from me and my dad’s waterfall adventure. Good idea Mom! Mom doesn’t go with us to the waterfall – she stays home. Just Dad, Rufus and Me! It’s our thing.

We go to them almost everyday – usually in the morning after breakfast – that’s why mom says to eat a big breakfast. It has been warmer so the creek is mushy on the way to the lake but it’s really frozen going up to the waterfall. We get to the waterfall by going up the creek. The water is frozen so we can slide on it.

Dad takes the pictures. These pictures are from three different trips but I just put them all together.

See – here we are going up the creek. I stay to the side – it’s easier that way – and the water isn’t all frozen here.  I’m walking on the side leading Dad to the trail – Dad has to catch up to me. He goes the long way.

To get here we have to climb up and over – up and over. Trees …. rocks …. that sort of thing.
Got me?! I jumped over the creek and then walked along.

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