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A Life Made Simple: Livin’ life

From the bloggers at A Life Made Simple.

We finally have something blog worthy to report! The three of us recently took a trip – to somewhere further than Vernon – after – 9 – whole – months!

We’ve been home almost a week now – so it’s about time I got my stuff together and got it up – for those of you still hanging here by a thread. I was about to do so when I realized that there would be a¬†huge hole in the story if I just started at the end of November.

So – I’d better start back in October and fill you in what we’ve been up to since we finished our work here at the park back in mid October.

It really hasn’t been much. What can we say – we went from 60 to 0 fast. One day busy – the next day not. And that’s how it’s been – nothing to do with no schedule.

To read the full story by A Life Made Simple, click here.

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