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A Life Made Simple: Back to homemade

From the bloggers at A Life Made Simple.

The ‘simple’ back when we started was really to be more about living frugally. Our lifestyle requires us to be frugal. Being frugal is actually not so simple but it is the one things I hope we can hold on to as we go forward leading a more stable life – now that we won’t be traveling south for the winter.

For us, and many others – to be frugal means to be conscious about where our money is spent and finding ways to make do without something or to be creative about procuring it. For me, one of my favourite things to decrease our spending, while at the same time increase the quality of the products we consume, is to make things myself.

For years now I have been making our toothpaste for instance. I admit to not doing that while on the road – which is why I often question how simple the road life is. As many of you can attest to – there are many things that are much simpler when living in a house then on the road.

Last week I tackled something else that I’ve been wanting to make homemade for some time.

Almond and coconut milk.

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