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24h Plans: Top 20 tiny house designs and their costs

From the bloggers at 24h Plans.

If you don’t want or can’t afford a 5-bedroom house that occupies 4,000 sq. ft., don’t despair. There’s still a chance for you to live the American dream! Let us present top 20 professionally designed tiny houses. It’s true that a family of 4 will have problems living in such a small space, but they are perfect living spaces for millennials, young couples, single persons and even a family of 3. It all depends on how much space you are used to living in and what your lifestyle goals, aspirations, preferences, desires and convictions are.

Before we get started, let’s briefly explain the importance of getting a building permit and or a site plan before you plant that tiny house or even a spaceship-like livable capsule or an eco-pad!

To read the full story by 24h Plans, click here.

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