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Good Life RV: Aluminum vs Fiberglass RV Siding

From the bloggers at Good Life RV

When RVs first came into popular culture, campers didn’t have a whole lot of amenities. Cloth tents, reminiscent of today’s pop-up campers, were attached to the back of cars such as the Ford Model T. They were steel-framed, heavy, and cumbersome.

 Worse yet, they were difficult to maintain. Steel has a strong tendency to rust, corrode and deteriorate when exposed to the elements – which is all the time when you’re camping. Years later, aluminum came into vogue. Since it was lighter, cheaper and rust free, it overtook the market. Brands like Holiday Rambler and Airstream popularized this metallic look.

While it’s common to see aluminum RVs on the market still today, a quick walk around an RV dealership will give you a sudden realization to the future of camping: fiberglass.

However, both have virtues that are important to note. Here’s what you need to know about choosing fiberglass over aluminum siding on your RV.

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