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Weather Underground: Day trip to Phoenix

From the bloggers at Weather Underground.

Today I finally went to Phoenix, and beyond. Its a long ride. There are three ways to get there, and they all kinda even out. Today it was 188 North for about 40 miles, heading toward Payson. The wrong way to Phoenix. Then I intersect The Beeline Highway, RT 87, and head south toward Mesa and Phoenix.

I have been on this road many times. Some times were on the older route that was very dangerous and awesome. But many times on the new road remodel that took place 20 years ago. Either road had awesome views, especially north of Fountain Hills seeing many mountain ridges fading into the distance.

But this was the first time I rode on it taking the perspective of an RV driver. Boy, that is one steep road! Steep up, then a big drop. Then repeat about six times. I saw RVs and trucks towing cars laboring going up the hills. Then I saw a similar sized RV to mine pulled over about two thirds up a big hill. His hood was up, and he was down. I decided to take a different route to Phoenix when I eventually go there.

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