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FTF at Legoland

Fulltime Families offers support to parents, kids

Do you belong to an RVing family? Perhaps you dream of one day owning a RV and traveling the states with your family. Wherever may be your endeavor, you should never feel alone. Chances are there are groups of other people in the same situation.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Fulltime Families rally and interviewed the co-founder, Kimberly Travaglino.

Fulltime Families is a total support membership club started in March 2010 out of a need for Kimberly’s family to have resources on the road. She said it is designed for families who are living or seeking a full-time RV lifestyle, while they are still raising kids.

“We support our members emotionally, logistically and even financially,” she explained. “By hosting nationwide four-day rallies, we connect like-minded, location-independent families.

“Through our books and resources, we teach families how to transition from a traditional lifestyle to a fully mobile lifestyle,” said Kimberly. “We even provide mentoring services that help families explore financial opportunities for funding their extended travels.”

One of the perks about Fulltime Families is attending rallies. I recently attended the “Sweetheart Soirée” at Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa, Fla.  My favorite part about rallies is making new friends.

I appreciate the variety of entertainment offered, as well. I’m never left out of events because they offer plenty of  age-appropriate group activities. This is a great plan because the little kids want to do more crafts, so everyone was happy interacting within their peer groups.  Plus, it gets kids out of mom and dad’s hair so that they might make new friends as well.

The Fulltime Families (FTF) hosted events such as:

  • Teen dedicated activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Minute-to-Win-It competitions
  • A tween-run talent show
  • Adult Hungry Hippos game
  • A sweetheart dance

According to Kimberly, 54 families attended the most recent East Coast Tampa Winter Rally. The break down was 198 kids and 110 adults, yielding a total of 308 attendees.

We also enjoyed a “field trip” to the nearby Legoland theme park where fun was had by more than 300 members thanks to a highly-discounted entry fee.

Kimberly feels this Sweetheart Soirée rally was a great success based on the overwhelming positive responses and smiling faces.

“There is always room for improvement, so we will take what we learned from this rally and make the next rally even better,” she explained.

FTF at Lake Mead

I asked what her favorite rally as been thus far and she confessed it was hard to pick.

“Each of our rallies have had a different flavor and style.  From the laid back, Boondocking Rally in Las Vegas last March, to the more structured ‘Not Back to School’ Rally in Branson, Mo., each rally has left us with precious memories and good friends,” she said.

The next Fulltime Family rally will be a Civil War Themed Rally in Pennsylvania this September. I personally love the Civil War era and learned so much about it on our family’s visit to Gettysburg in 2013. I will be looking forward to attending and hope to have the chance to wear my colonial period dress!

She said it will be a good opportunity to hook up with the friends made in Tampa and another great opportunity to meet new friends.

When I asked Kimberly what she envisioned her goals were for Fulltime Families’ rallies,  she said, “Our goal is that families that were previously feeling ‘odd’ or left out because their lifestyle is less conventional will find people who have similar priorities and connect and share the amazing benefits of this lifestyle together.”

How large would she like to see the group grow? That opportunity is endless in that she would love for every family that seeks community while out on the road to find it at Fulltime Families.

I feel that no one should be alone and that everyone needs community, whether they find it in Fulltime Families or a different group.

For more information on Fulltime Families, visit or to tune in to their weekly live Internet radio show at

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Scout Williams is a 12-year-old who has been living the RV lifestyle full-time since 2012 traveling around the country with her parents, sister, brother and dog. Based out of Fort Myers, Fla., she is a "roadschooler" who is especially interested in art, science and writing. Her dream is to one day own a horse.

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