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Jim and Barb’s Adventure: Combat geocaching?

From the bloggers at Jim and Barb’s Adventure.

Barb has been busy spending hours planning our Alaska adventure this summer. I am amazed at how much planning goes into a journey like this. Route planning, site seeing, fishing, adventure tours as well as meeting with some friends (Trace/Lee, Bill/Kelly) and Barb’s cousin while we are there all must be specifically detailed as not everything is open or fits into the schedule. She has a detailed spreadsheet and all her hours are paying off as our plans are becoming solidified. We will share a high level summary sometime in the coming months.

This past week brought a couple of changes to our RV Dreams community. Steve and Deb, Trace and Lee and Greg and Cori have each moved on. We had a great time with each of them and hope to meet up sometime in the future. New arrivals include Dave and Diane, this is our first time meeting them and have enjoyed getting to know them better. Also arriving this week is our good friends Dino and Lisa. We originally met them in Florida last winter and caught up with them in Moab last spring as well.

Saturday afternoon 19 of us met at Black Pearl Restaurant at Pirates Den RV Resort. With that many of us we had to break up into two tables.  The food was good and the company was great.

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